How to keep your kids reading and writing this summer

As an experienced writer and reading/writing tutor I have enjoyed sharing my love for the written word with students of all ages.  I published this article in the Newton (MA) Tab to share ideas on helping your kids enjoy reading and writing through the summer months.

Turkeys gone wild, coyotes complacent

Padded socks? Check. Podiatrist-approved shoes? Check. “Antiques Road Show”-bound Walkman? Check. Sharp-point walking stick? Check. And off I go with everything I need for my daily walk through Oak Hill. “Why the latter?” you ask. Because the attack turkeys have arrived! As some have observed, rafters (yes, that’s the term) of wild turkeys regularly roam […]

The year-end letter I’ve always wanted to write

(I dedicate this “letter” to those who feel the need to send me and many fellow sufferers those cutely decorated year-end missives in an incomprehensible attempt to impress us with their long-winded sagas of their Ivy-bound offspring, shiny new BMWs, Wall Street jobs, state-of-the-art kitchens and trilingual nannies.) Hi friends! I hope the New Year […]